Veteran's PATH CenterPoint Retreats for Women Veterans

  • 12 May 2019
  • 17 May 2019
  • Manzano Mountain Retreat

Veteran's PATH CenterPoint Retreats for Women Veterans 


serve thegrowing numbers of women veterans who are committed to their full recovery from stressful and/or traumatic experience. CenterPoint Retreats are nourishing, educational, and healing, and provide a peaceful and supportive natural environment for women veterans to learn tools for holistic recovery from PTSD, MST, and chronic stress, and to re-orient towards a fulfilling life of ease and satisfaction.

CenterPoint Retreats are six-day retreats, based on a model of experiential, body-centered, relationship-based healing. Over 300 women veterans have been served since 2011, with the vast majority reporting increases in general well-being and a reduction in stress symptoms as a result of participation in a retreat. These retreats are funded by the DOVA, and are entirely free of charge for eligible veterans, including airfare

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