Lujan International
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Bruce Lujan

Excellent physical, financial, relational and spiritual health with a purpose to help make lives better through the power of every connection. I believe really connecting with and serving our customers, partners, leaders, co-workers, families and friends will delight our internal and external customers and improve our lives. I believe running our train on the tracks of success principles will help us win. I believe doing the right thing will produce great results. I believe it’s the size of the heart in the team that matters and the heart of our team will grow when we care about and serve each other. I believe trusting and teamwork will help our team produce more. I believe focusing on results and 360 degree coaching and 360 degree leadership will help everyone reach their full potential. Finally, I believe taking care of our people and helping them reach their full potential and win will produce a team that works hard and pulls together to exceed goals, and win big. Bruce E Lujan

Business Phone Number
(505) 400-5785